Here are 10 Tips to Memorize Quraan


The following are 10 Tips to Memorize Quraan
Remembering Quran is an extraordinary profound, physical, and mental excursion that edifies your heart, brain, and entire life. That is the reason you see Muslims across the globe trying to learn Quran remembrance and Becoming Hafiz.

For what reason truly do individuals Complain About Memorize The Quran
Notwithstanding the limitless ethics of the Hifz Quran in this life and henceforth, still numerous Muslims defer going through this sublime excursion. Some of them whine that they can’t set aside opportunity to retain Quran because of their everyday occupied timetable and others believe it’s central goal unthinkable particularly while taking a gander at each of the 114 surahs and in excess of 6000 sections.

In reality, Quran remembrance is in no way, shape or form a unimaginable mission yet not quite as simple too. It additionally doesn’t expect you to dedicate all your daytime and forsake your work, school, or family time to learn Hifz Quran.


to assist you with your central goal, Quran educators and specialists at Quran Seraj present you Top 10 Tips To Memorize Quran Fast and Easy.

Unadulterated Intention to Please Allah (SWT)
The first and most significant hint to remember Quran is to ensure that your aim (your motivation) from becoming Hafiz is to satisfy Allah Almighty. Your goal ought not be to flaunt before partners or others that you have remembered the book of Allah (SWT).

Retain Quran in Early Morning
The best chance to retain Quran in the early morning just after Fajr supplication. In the wake of playing out the request and prior to eating, spend from 30 to 50 minutes retaining the Quran. The brain is tranquil and has a high ability to retain data during this time.

Keep up with Correct Quran Recitation and Pronunciation
It is one of the astonishing tips to remember Quraan accurately, you should initially discuss Quran accurately. This can’t be satisfied except if you pay attention to a decent and exact reciter of the Quran. In this way, in the event that you know how to understand Arabic yet can’t present the Quran as it ought to be, you first and foremost need to learn Quran with tajweed.

Set up a Quran Memorization Schedule
These tips to retain Quraan is are so significant for those whom working. Put it down on the calendar by which you need to finish Hifz Quran. Separate it into yearly, month to month, week after week, and everyday remembrance objectives.

This will make your main goal such a great deal simpler and you will feel of accomplishment consistently along the way.

Consistency and Commitment to Your Memorization Schedule
Be reliable and focused on your retention plan and don’t skirt even one day except if there is a crisis. Assuming you needed to skirt a day because of critical issues, compensate for it on the next day by investing a more drawn out energy remembering Quran.

Different Tips to retain Quraan you ought to recollect is:
Continuously recollect that memory resembles a muscle. The more regularly you retain, the more you can remember, and the simpler it becomes.

Rehash What You Have Memorized and Again
Continuously start your Quran retention task with recitation and redundancy of what you have remembered before. For instance, prior to remembering another part of the Quran, present by heart what you have retained the other day. Toward the week’s end, present all that you have remembered in the week on the double. Toward the month’s end, do a similar interaction, etc. This will consummate your Quran remembrance and not fail to remember it.

Discuss What You Have Memorized at Salah (Prayer)
To rehearse further on what you have remembered from Quran, discuss regular refrains in the five everyday petitions. Assuming you figure out that you fail to remember a stanza, pursue the request to your Mushaf immediately to recollect the section. So the tip to remember Quraan here is to save a new “Surah” and rehash it in the requests.

Get The Meaning of Quranic Verses
In the event that you fail to really see what you are understanding great, you can’t retain it well. It’s vital to comprehend the importance of the refrains you are remembering, and ability they are connected to one another.

Tafsir Al Quran
In this manner you ought to peruse the Tafsir (clarification) of the refrains that you are retaining and ought to carry their implications to mind while presenting them.

Pick a Distraction-Free Environment
One of the significant hints to retain Quraan As equivalent to picking the perfect opportunity when the brain is tranquil and clear, you ought to pick a segregated spot with practically no interruption at all including your cellphone. This will build concentration and better Quran remembrance.

Learn Quran Memorization with Professional Quran Teacher

To make your Quran retaining mission a lot more straightforward and quicker, you can find support from an expert Quran instructor. He/She will help and guide you bit by bit along the way until you become a Hafiz/Hafiz of Quran. In Quran Seraj, we don’t give you a few hints to remember Quraan , yet additionally, we will be with you bit by bit.

A Professional Tutor With You
At Quran Seraj – Online Quran School, we have proficient Quran educators (guys and females) who can show you how to retain the Quran, Quran recitation with tajweed, Tafseer/Tafsir (understanding of Quranic stanzas), and substantially more. Book FREE Trial now and learn Quran remembrance on the web.

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