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How to Record Voice over PowerPoint in office 365?


PowerPoint sound element empowers its clients to add sound from the PC, web and furthermore record sound for portrayal in the show for each slide independently. It just follows a couple of steps to start recording and adding the sound to a slide. How about we find out what are these means that we want to take.


Click the “Supplement” tab from the highest point of your PowerPoint Slide page, where every one of the capacities and elements are given.

PowerPoint Record

Under the Insert tab, click the Audio Icon or Audio option at the end of the features ribbon, Audio option adds music or sound clip to your slide or presentation.


A small list of audio options will appear, click “Record Audio…”

Excel Microsoft

A small “Sound Record” window will open. Type the name of your audio segment for the slide.

Recorded Sound

Now click the red record button.

Sound Record

To examine your recording, select the Stop  button and then select the Play  button.

When the recording is done, click the “OK” button.

Record Sound

That’s all you need to do for recording audio for your presentation slide. Also to record and a playback sound, the computer must be equipped with a sound card, microphone, and speakers. Also do not use any other sound recording applications while recording on PowerPoint.

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